Friday, November 25, 2011

G.A.C. Expands to Nar Shaddaa

The Galactic Arms Corps has Invited The Mandalorian Clan Dha'oya'Karir to join it's Ranks and as well has expanded to a Small outpost in Lower City of Nar Shaddaa.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Nebula Hires The Corps

After much negotiations, Rei and Xaaris came to terms on a new Contract. Black Nebula has hired Galactic Arms Corps to run security for the City of Mos Entha and the Nebula's Trade Routes. Xaaris did not ask any questions as to why the Black Nebula would need protection but gracefully took the job in hopes to raise a reputation for the Corps.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Galactic Arms Corps & Black Nebula

The Secret has been released on the business dealings going on with the Black Nebula and the Galactic Arms Corps. Black Nebula supplies the Corps with the needed materials to make their weapons in return for a small percentage of the weapon sales the Corps makes. A Deal that could make or break both factions. Alot of money being tossed up and around here and both leaders of each Faction, (Xaaris & Rei'Cara) and they both believe business will be good for whats theirs and their factions. No other contracts have been established between the two as of yet.
Colonel Aayla's First act with her new ranks was promoting Commando Soldier Shrike who was 2nd Lt. to 1st LT. Saying his experience is enough to prove he deserved the rank. Could this be the clue that Aayla might put him in charge of the Nar Shaddaa Post as 2nd in Command? we will have that answer for you in time.


Galactic Arms Corps Major Aayla Cristole was promoted today to the rank of Colonel. She is now in Charge of the Infantry MOS of the Military and will be overseeing the weapons Dealing Business as well will be looking at probably taking over the Outpost on Nar Shaddaa. Aayla has not stated who she will place in 2nd in command of the Nar Shaddaa outpost, but she said it will have to be someone worthy of that right and they must prove they deserve that position.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top Secret Military Installation

The Galactic Arms Opens a new base today aside from it's Recruiting office centered in Mos Entha. a Top Secret Military Installation located near the front of Mos Entha. As to what is known to take place in there is unknown and there is signs on it that state all subjects entering the property is subject to be searched and trespassing will be met with lethal force. On top of that Commander Xaaris has been said to be working on a division for his Force Sensative soldiers.

Galactic Arms Corps Opens Business

Mos Entha, Tatooine: Arms dealing and mercenary services are certainly one of lucrative business in the Galaxy currently. One such group is the Galactic Arms Corp whose leader, Commander Xaaris, was gracious enough to answer a few of GNN’s questions.

Brother to a once well-known mandalorian, Jarell Xaaris, the commander now oversees a multi-purpose corporation. Headquartered in Mos Entha on Tatooine, the Galactic Arms Corp not only manufactures and sells weapons of all types, but they also have a military wing specializing in security, military, and bounty hunter contracts. As far as politics are concerned they always remain neutral, selling their services to the highest bidder on a first come time-table that would extend to the Republic as well as to the Sith or any other interested party on equal terms.
Being professional, the mercenary group prides itselfs on keeping anonymity for their employers they were able to say that currently they are working with the Black Nebula on helping that organization clear its name of terrorist charges as well as bounty hunting for another individual, though who they are or who is being hunted was not revealed.
The soldiers and troopers of this business go through a grueling training program, designed to make as perfect of a warrior as possible, before they are ever allowed to go out on a job. Commander Xaaris is confident that this corporation will be able to compete and thrive in the ever-expanding and competitive mercenary game. If interested to be recruited or to hire contact Commander Xaaris, who can easily be reached in Mos Entha.

- Daana Kira & Rakiko Lowtide (News Article from Galactic News Network)